Friday, November 4, 2011


Sorry it has been forever. I could try to catch you up on the last 8 months but man that would take forever. So instead I will leave you with a poem because I am writing again!! YAY! It is not about anyone in particular, just what comes from my heart and mind. Hope you enjoy it!

Although we are miles apart
There is something in my heart
And I hold on to the hope
Even though it’s hard to cope
With you being gone so long
But those days make us strong
For our hearts are together
And it just can’t be severed
My love for you is so real
I know exactly how you feel
That day when we can just be us
And loving you is a just a plus

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Poem

Becoming Yours
By: Meghan

The miles between us are oh so far
But I realize how real my feelings are
That is why I keep hanging on
Because you aren’t really gone
You are just away for a little bit
And that is why I cannot quit
I am feeling something new and real
The key to my heart, you did steal
I can’t wait until we can just be us
Then we won’t need to make a fuss
Because we will be together more
And you can make my heart soar
For now I will take whatever I get
And I will remember how we met

Monday, April 25, 2011

Some more writing

An Affair Called Love
By Meghan Wheeler

Don’t get attached was our main rule, but now I’ve realized I am such a fool
There was no way to stay unconnected because our emotions became so unexpected
It started out as just a date, something where we could both relate
We needed a friend, someone to hold and share our secrets that are untold
I didn’t know how this fling would end, but even then my heart won’t mend
Affairs are made for play and fun, but just like that and they are done
So here we’ve learned an important lesson, never fall for the other person
Because when it ends forever more, your heart is hurt and your soul is sore

I just can't stop writing!! I have no clue where all this coming from but I like it so far!! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Things in my life have been hectic and there are so many changes happening yet somehow I have been writing twice as much. I write about things in my life or the life of others. I wanted to share a few things I have worked on recently. None are parallel to my life just stuff out my head.

Accidental Love
By Meghan Wheeler

Falling for you is strictly forbidden
But crazy is how my heart is driven
Your every word makes me shiver
And when I think of you my lips quiver
You are everything I’ve waited for
You are all of that and even more
No one’s ever made me feel this way
I love this feeling I hope it stays
But this isn’t supposed to happen here
The more I learn it makes me fear
The consequences of falling for you
But I can’t help feeling that this is true
It’s a love that will have to wait for some time
But until that comes in my heart you’ll be mine
I can’t wait to explore life together
I just wish that I knew this was forever

First Love
By Meghan Wheeler

Time ticks slower when you aren't around
Within your arms is where I'm bound
Your smile makes my entire body melt
These are new sensations I have never felt
Being around you is all that I need
And this time I am letting my heart lead
The paths that we will take are new
But it doesn't matter if I am with you
You really aren't mine to keep
She had you first no matter how deep
My feelings are for you in my heart
I wish I had known you from the start
For now I will be happy with I get
Even if it's only for a little bit
I will treasure the time we share
Because losing you, I couldn't bear
Our time will be short and quick
I can only hope our time won't tick

Hope you enjoy these. I just have been in a really creative mood, first time in a long while. More to come I promise!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

One Year Old

In 2 very short weeks Jacob will be turning a year old and that scares the you know what out of me. When did this happen?? I mean he was just an newborn right?? WRONG!! He has been growing so fast so quickly. Everyday it is something new. Yesterday he said "Nana" to my mom and it made her cry. This week we have been weaning off the bottle and formula and he only has one a day now and is almost on the cup 100%. He is standing alone and trying to take a step but he can't keep his balance. So much is changing and I just can't even believe he is so big already!! We are planning his birthday party which won't be until May 1st because of how busy the location we want it at is. But I am okay with that because things at my house have been really busy and I could use an extra month to plan it out. Plus April is going to be a busy month. I am going to Georgia near the middle of April for a few days which I am so excited about.

My Aunt (Dad's Sister) was a professor at Georgia State and since she passed away 10 years ago they always give out a scholarship in her name. My grandmother goes EVERY year except last year and I have always wanted to go but usually I am in school or getting ready to get married, or recovering from a c-sect but not this year. This year I have nothing going on during this time and Jake is at the age I can take him with me and he will do fine on the airplane. So we are going and I am so excited. I have not seen my aunt's colleagues since I was a kid and it will be so exciting to have them all meet Jacob. My aunt was not fortunate enough to have children and so I was her pride and joy. There isn't a day that goes by I don't think of her. She was the most amazing person I have ever known. She overcame so much in her life and I only wish she was here to see me with Jacob. She would have gone nuts over him and would have probably moved down her to be closer to us. I miss her so much! I knew growing up that she would always be there to talk to when times got rough and I wish she was here now because I could definitely use her great advice. Okay I have to stop talking about her because I am crying.

So anyway April will be rather busy! I also have started my own Scentsy business which is awesome. It is a great company to be working with and it has great products. If you are interested you should contact me for more info. So April is going to be busy busy!! There is so much more going on in my life but I don't feel like getting into. Just please pray for me and Jacob and that God turns us to the right direction. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the March!! Have a great weekend all!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Months Old

Today Jacob turned 10 months old. That is so mind boggling. Not only does that mean that in two short months he will be a year old but it means I have kept him alive for a whole year. He is the sunshine of my life and the thought of him getting just a bit older, learning to walk and talk breaks my heart. Where is my little newborn that couldn't do anything for himself? Now Jake can hold his own bottle and cup, feed himself and crawls everywhere. It is the first steps into the "Mom I don't need you for this anymore, I got it" attitude and I just DON'T like it. I want him to be 110% dependent on me again. I know that won't happen and I know that he is still VERY dependent on me but it is so hard to watch him grow so fast. I mean this time last year I was still throwing up with morning sickness and I was 7 months along. I was getting ready for my first little baby shower with all my girlfriends and I was just trying to get through my days. I had a great support helping me and I tried to get out as much as I could but at this point it was still hard. I was getting ready to move to a bigger apartment and I knew I had 2 more months before Jake would arrive.

That seems so long ago. We have come so far in a year and it's hard to imagine that this is how it will be forever. Before I didn't measure things in months, I barely could measure the hours. Now I've been measuring things in months for 20 months now roughly. Since the day my test was positive in August 2009 just two months after Greg and I's wedding. Everything is months, not days or minutes. How old is Jake? When will he turn 1? When is he supposed to do this or that? It is all measured in months. He is getting so close to standing alone. THAT scares me. He can say "mom", "tickle" and "cup". I swore he said, "It's cold" the other day but I could have been hearing things. He has become such a little person. I see so much of myself in him every day. I see even more of Greg in him. It is so special to watch facial expressions and temper tantrums and know exactly where he gets them from. He is definitely a "drama king." NO IDEA WHERE HE GETS THAT FROM!! :-)

Today was a snow day AGAIN. I am getting so tired of being trapped in doors. It should warm up tomorrow and I have 101 things to do OUTside the house. It will be nice to spend the day away. We really didn't do much today. Jake and I have both had colds that last week or so. I did manage to capture a picture of Jake looking out our french doors at the snow, almost to say "hey mom, lets go play" but it was too cold. I am hoping to get back in to a routine soon because this snow just stinks. All is well otherwise and I will continue to pout that Jake is growing just too fast. I hope everyone stays warm and safe.

I will leave you with this...

Friday, February 4, 2011


For those of you who live or have lived in Texas know that snow happens once a year if that. Last year it snowed several days in a row and we had a white Christmas. Well this year's "snow" started off as awful sleet and ice Tuesday. It did not get above 20 degrees at all this week so the ice has stayed. Then last night it snowed, like 6 inches. So now on top of ice we have 6 inches of snow. It is supposed to get "warm" until tomorrow which its expected to get 30 I think. Then it is supposed to snow next week too. I have cabin fever and I know everyone else does. They have closed school all week as well as many community offices and other places or work. Greg has gone in every day this week and was actual in a car accident yesterday in his company van. It wasn't his fault but it was still pretty scary. He is okay and back to work today. He is such a trooper. So I will leave you with pictures I took. I intend to take Jake out in it some time today just not sure when.